Remember the song: There's a Place for Us?  Well it’s true – if you haven’t found it already, there IS a special place (i.e., location, home) that is waiting for you.  Maybe it’s a place with vibrant color and energy, or soothing calm with muted tones.  A place where you can recharge, redefine yourself and accomplish anything – or simply do nothing but be! Finding and securing that perfect place isn’t always easy – but rather, it is more often a process, filled with thoughtful, yet heartfelt emotion.  Often buyers who are searching for their perfect home approaches their search and decision on logic and facts – which is certainly wise from a financial and future investment perspective.  However, many buyers are happiest when they have an immediate intuitive reaction to a place and trusted that feeling.  Interestingly, sometimes the “place” selected is completely different from what the buyer originally described as their ideal.  In the end of our buyers search, our main goal is to ensure that our buyers feel they have found their place – and can say: “there’s no place like home!"