• Invite your friends and family over to announce the great news that you are buying or have closed a new home. Spend the evening celebrating with your close friends and family with some appetizing food and wine.
  • Plan a packing party to celebrate buying your new home. With some help from friends and family, packing can be a bit more exciting – also will be less work & stress for you. Be sure to provide some food and inks for the people helping you pack.
  • Take a photograph of your home to celebrate your new investment. Consider creating a shadow box with the photograph and include an original poem or one by a favorite author that depicts how you feel about your new adventure.
  • Go shopping for some new home décor and appliances to celebrate buying a new home. Choose some creative artwork and color schemes that make you feel positive, relaxed or happy!
  • Host a housewarming party after you move in to celebrate buying your new house; decide if you just want an open house for people to tour the home or if you want your guests to bring along house warming gifts.