A new year and resolutions to improve habits or behaviors go hand in hand; losing weight, exercising, or eating healthier are among the most common resolutions associated with self improvement.  Perhaps now is the right time to make a resolution to buy or sell your home.  While interest rates are still desirable, check out the following resolutions to start the buy/sell process that you may want to consider in 2017!

Getting pre-approved:  Have a conversation or meeting with a mortgage professional, bank or credit union is the first step.  Knowing how much you are qualified for in order to make a smart decision and to be sure not to over-spend when buying a home is critical.

Work with a trusted Realtor: As a buyer, using the service of a Realtor to help you through the buying process and in any given transaction, the buyer doesn’t pay the commission, but rather is set by the seller and their agent.  

Become educated on the home buying process
:  A qualified, professional Realtor should explain the step-by-step process and chain of events of buying a home; before, during and in some situations, after the closing.

Search for homes online: Buyers are only one click away from finding their dream.  Soldsisterssavannah.com allows an easy and accurate search tool, which offers homes that have been listed on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).   Soldsisterssavannah.com also provides tools, advice as well as regional and local information to help you become a well informed and educated consumer.

Contact Soldsisterssavannah.com today to get started towards fulfilling your new year’s resolution to buy your new home!