After months of searching for the perfect home – you finally find it! After your offer has been accepted, you do the “happy dance” – until you learn it has a history of hauntings, suddenly your happy dance turns into “the monster mash”. You don’t recall finding ‘haunted’ in the list of disclosures from the seller; and it's true that most real estate laws require sellers to disclose only "material facts", which include structural issues,  roof leaks, water in the basement, etc., so aside from a property’s physical condition, a seller does not necessarily need to elaborate on levitating silverware. 

If you are a buyer and this is a concern  one option is  talking to the neighbors – chances are they would know of any past ghosts or skeletons in the closets!  Also a Google search on the home for possible paranormal activity may shed some mystical light on its history. 

As a seller, if a home is known to have spectral tendencies, it may be in your best interest to fess up before engaging a buyer, or it could possibly come back to haunt you.  Of course, if you decide to list your scary house with us, we’d make the most of it in the description:

"Don't miss this bewitching property! The Shining one-of-a-kind countertops and monstrous gourmet kitchen will have you howling at the moon! The spacious living area simply creaks with personality and screams charm. Just off the living room is a bonus room – perfect for a bewitching office or a wolfman-cave.  Levitate up the stairs to the master suite with its amazing walk-in (and through) closet. You'll find the enchanting grounds  so eerily peaceful - your cares (and maybe you) will vanish! So please, glide on in, this home is sure to get you in the house-hunting spirit!"

This is all in festive Halloween fun, but when it comes to buying a home, you want the end result to be a treat - not a trick; so, do your home work, have a trusted Realtor and maybe listen to your Sixth Sense!