sur·re·al səˈrēəl/ - adjective: surreal - having the qualities of surrealism; bizarre, unreal, unbelievable, fantastic, dreamlike, having the quality of a dream. Ex: "a surreal mix of fact and fantasy"

Do you ever search for just the right word to describe a piece of art, a song, a place, your feelings, or a house?  Recently a client who was searching for the “perfect” home, viewed a unique property on Tybee Island and upon entering, immediately exclaimed: “this is the most surreal house, in an absolutely surreal location, it’s simply dreamy!"

While everyone is different in their response upon finding their “perfect” home - some are subdued, others, mildly interested; but  I rather loved the excitement that the above buyer displayed in describing the Tybee cottage.   I later reflected on the first time I discovered the whimsical Island of Tybee and eventually  my “dreamy” little shack - it was…well, surreal.  However, I would soon discover that the uniqueness and magic of Tybee was far more than its serene marshes, rivers, ocean, and sunsets; its most surreal treasures are the people who have chosen this little barrier island to call their home!

Whether you’re searching for your “surreal” home or find it’s time to move to another dream, please know that my sister and I will be delighted to help you through the process!