I recently noticed someone in my neighborhood who was remodeling part of his home. One of the contractors parked in his driveway was a man that I had, unfortunately, hired for a job last year. When the job was done, I realized he had used some substandard windows and it was a close call getting past the final county inspection to clear his work. Of course, it's not my place to march up to neighbors and say "Hey, you better keep a close eye on that guy!"   The moral is, ask a lot of questions before you hand over your money to someone for projects around the house. Here's some ideas on questions/requests you can ask before you hire!

1 - Show me your license. Also check online to make sure they're affiliated with associations or have certifications that are credible.

2 - Are you bonded?

3 - Ask for recommendations and call them!

4 - Will you get permits? PS - Make sure they do before the work starts, otherwise you are going to be in the hot seat with the city/county if they're not secured.

5 - What is the upfront deposit for the work?

6 - If you use subs, are the a stable crew or should I expect a rotating cast of characters? This is important as you want to know who's going to be in and out of your home.

7 - If you aren't doing the work yourself, how often will you be on site to oversee the progress?

8 - What is the best way to reach you? Nothing worse than playing "Where's Waldo" with your contractor!

9 - If issues do arise during or after the work is done, how will they be addressed? Is this something that is covered in the agreement?

10- Will you provide a lien release after your work is completed?  .


When it comes to having work done, better to ask first so you won't be frustrated or angry later!