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When my wife and I were looking for a realtor we were deployed to Iraq so I sent a couple of feeler e-mails out to realtors that I had heard good things about. Sandy was the first one to respond and the only one who went above and beyond to make sure all of my questions and needs were met. We finally met her the week we redeployed and instantly fell in love with her professionalism, honesty, and attentiveness to our desires. Sandy more than met our expectations and we've told her on numerous occasions that she has set the bar extremely high. I would recommend Sandy to anyone that was looking for a house because she truly cares about her clients and is more than willing to work for them and go out of her way to do the little things that matter. She was an amazing realtor for us and has turned into a great friend. I can't say enough great things about her. Carter Deekens
This is the fifth home we have purchased in six years and this one, beyond a shadow of a doubt, was the smoothest one so far. Sandy helped us with a "sight unseen" purchase and was a tremendous help before, during and even after the purchase. She met contractors, arranged for carpet cleaning and even bought gate locks for us in order to secure the property before we could come to Savannah to take care of things ourselves. She was great to work with! I will definitely use Sandy again should we decide to sell of buy another home in Savannah! Ken and Kemberly Ramirez
Sandy has deep knowledge of the real estate business and is very involved with the clients needs all the way through the process. When you tell her what you want She is tenacious and will find it if it is available. You can trust her to represent your best interest all the way through the buying or selling process. Fran D'Antonio
I worked with Sandy for years in radio. We purchased and sold our first home with her as our Realtor, we learned so much from her. As a result, we made a great purchase and two years later sold quickly thanks to her work. - Tara Friedman Tara & Jason Friedman
We whole heartily endorse Sandy McCloud. She is a wonderful, caring person who listens to her clients. My husband came from Portland, OR to Savannah two months before I did. Sandy worked with him on his free time and when I finally arrived she gave me her undivided attention. My husband and I have been married for 30 years and we have bought and sold several homes. We had very specific ideas about the home we wanted to buy. I could tell within a minute of entering a house if it was a house that I was willing to buy. I cannot tell you how many houses we entered and then immediately left, because it didn’t fit our criteria. On one of these visits I overheard a real estate agent tell Sandy that I was too demanding and would never find and/or buy a house. Sandy replied, “she’s knows exactly what she wants and it actually saves time by not looking at homes she knows she will not buy.” Sandy’s sense of humor was very refreshing. We bought our home in June 2007 and Sandy still keeps in touch with us. She has invited us to attend social functions and somehow she has time to remember us at holidays. When it is time to sell we will give our business to Sandy, because she is a great real estate agent as well as our friend. Thank you for sharing the Savannah area with us Sandy. Cherie McCann
I had the pleasure of using Sandy McCloud as my realtor to sell my house. I don't think you could ask for a better person to have on your side whether your buying or selling. Sandy's character and personality seems to be made for this business. She will do everything she can to get you what you want. She is very friendly and charismatic, yet solid and firm when it comes to YOUR needs. Six months AFTER my house was sold, an issue came up to my disadvantage. I called Sandy and explained the situation and without hesitation she quickly resolved the issue to my advantage. I was impressed not only how quickly it was taken care of, but that she willingly had no problem helping me out long after the sale was complete. If you want the best person on your side, do not hesitate to use Sandy. John Isbell
When I came to Savannah looking for a house, I had the great good fortune of meeting Sandy McCloud. She was always patient, honest and extremely reliable I got to know Sandy very well and will consider her a dear friend when I am settled in Savannah. She was always available to me and made me feel very cared for. She was always professional and helped me make all the right connections. She consistently went the extra mile for me, and her great attention to detail always made me very comfortable with the often times stressful process of looking for a new home. I would recommend her any time. Lynn Eggert
Without Sandy we would not have found the house we are in now. Her energy and enthusiasm really went above and beyond helping us buy our first home together. We love Sandy! Elizabeth Jackson
It may seem odd--but Sandy did me a giant favor when I called her out to discuss listing my house...she talked me OUT of it! I had been living in my home for more than 20 years and I was thinking about selling it to purchase something smaller in the same area. But when Sandy showed me the expenses I would incur, not only in listing costs but also in the increased amount of taxes I would possibly have to pay because the tax rate on my current home is so low! She helped me make an informed decision because she was more interested in helping me than just selling me something. She was the only real estate agent I spoke with that shared those details with me and I appreciate it. If I do decide to sell in the future, Sandy is the only Realtor I would consider using. K.G. Cole
Sandy is amazing! She was recommended by a friend and far exceeded my expectations. She has an exceptional knowledge of the Savannah area, the real estate market and all aspects of buying or selling a home. She has great connections which help in finding the best properties at the best prices. That was wonderful for me. Eight months after I bought my home I was transferred out of state. Because of the great price I got on the home, Sandy was able to sell it without a loss. Amazing in the toughest real estate market in years. I recommend her to all my friends and associates. As far as I'm concerned, Sandy is the 'only' real estate agent in Savannah. Clara Weser
Sandy was a very attentive realtor. She was prompt in addressing our concerns and returning our phone calls. Not to mention she found us an amazing house for us at a price that was almost $60,000 less than its original listing. She didn't try to over sell us and respected our price range on buying a house, but definitely gave us the best value for our dollar. She was exceptional at paying attention to details and great at getting us in house in 30 days. I couldn't have been more pleased. Samantha Dyal
Sandy McCloud is the most competent, hard working and savvy real estate agent you will ever be lucky enough to know. She truly has your back. Sandy went above and beyond to make my dream of having a beach house come true. Sandy can find a needle in a hay stack for you. She digs in deep and leaves no stone unturned. Sandy is so respected and beloved in the community, even complicated deals are resolved effortlessly by Sandy. She is bright, funny, quick witted and a pure joy to work with. If you ever have a real estate agent even half a good as Sandy, you will be very lucky. But to have an agent of Sandy's caliber, you've won the lottery! I'm proud to call Sandy McCloud my agent and dear friend. Fran Galloway
I chose Sandy as my real estate agent because she is known for being the best agent around for first time buyers. She was so helpful and made the process easy for us. What most impressed me about Sandy was her willingness to stand up for our interests and represent our needs in every aspect of the transaction. I would recommend Sandy to any first time buyer looking for someone who will be with them every step of the way and take the time to explain how the process works and what to expect. Christy Edwards
Our expectations were exceeded by Sandy. After speaking with us and determining our needs in what we desired in our new home, she made selections for homes she felt might meet our needs. After showing us many homes, and she became for acquainted with us, knowingly she selected a home for us that we loved and we bought it! "She is the agent to use, hands down!!!!! Judith Compton and Fred Maher
I chose to work with Sandy after giving her a phone call, and after I spoke with her, I knew she was the one I needed in my corner. Why? Because Sandy laid everything out for me in plain English. The thing that really impressed me about Sandy was that she easily put all the concerns that I had at ease. She virtually eliminated the anxiety I was feeling as a first time home buyer, after a 23 year military career, I’m a pretty good judge of one’s character, so as far as Sandy is concerned, I consider her family. I recently had a very close friend of mine move here for Texas. Without hesitation, I recommended that he contact Sandy for all his home purchasing needs. I would do that for anyone I knew moving to this area. Myron O. Cofer
I worked with a few other agents before Sandy and no one listened to what I actually wanted or what was in my price range. She made the process fun, enjoyable and I ended up with exactly what I wanted! Mark McNichols
We went with Sandy because she cared about what we really wanted! we gave her a outline of what we wanted and in return found us our perfect house under our price range! Sandy worked so hard for us and we felt so comfortable with her. I will never go anywhere else when it comes to real estate. If you go with Sandy you will find a great home and a great friend! We would without a doubt recommend Sandy McCloud to anyone looking to sell or buy a home! Kerrie Hudson
I chose Sandy because I felt that Sandy was very trustworthy and she listened to me, what I said and didn't say. My expectations of Sandy were that she would find me a house that was right for me. She far exceeded my expectations in that she worked tirelessly and completely committed to me the whole time, even though she had other clients. What impressed me the most was and is the sincerity in her desire to help you find and/or sell my home. Also she is extremely knowledgeable about all of the financial possibilities and she works harder than anyone I have ever met. I would say that she will work harder for you than anyone you know and you will have someone that you can call "Friend" when all of the papers are signed and you have the keys in your hand. Leslie Kirby
We chose to work with Sandy McCloud because she was recommended by a friend. This was our first home purchase as a couple and we had a lot of questions. Since I was not able to be here to search for a home, Sandy always spoke to me over the phone and via e-mail to keep me updated on things her and my husband talked about. Sandy went above and beyond any expectations we had. She went out of her way to help us find the perfect home in a limited amount of time. Sandy made sure that we were happy with our home buying experience and answered all of the questions we had. If I were to refer her to a friend I would tell them that I wish she could be our agent to wherever we move to next. Stefanie Townsend
I bought my home through Sandy McCloud so I naturally thought of her when it was time to sell. I was most impressed with Sandy's enthusiasm about my property and her willingness to use all avenues to market it. She takes time to participate in all of the traditional sales methods and utilizes all of the latest technology as well. However, what impresses me most about Sandy is that she is very straight-forward, which is a characteristic that will benefit both buyers and sellers! Karen Franklin
A friend recommended Sandy when I began the search for my first house. Sandy guided me through the process beautifully. Her knowledge, dedication, and wonderful spirit made her a joy to work with. Paul Bailey
Sandy McCloud is a professional Real Estate Agent that truly cares about customer satisfaction. Our experience working with her is one that we will never forget even after 3 years of residing in our home. Sandy left such a great impression that we are always recommending her to others. Sandy has a warm and friendly personality, a great amount of patience, always considers the client's needs first, and exhibits overall exceptional professionalism at all times. She is a special person that our family will never forget no matter how many years pass!!!! Charles and Adrienne Donaway
My son and I as executors of my parents estate chose Ms McCloud.What a lucky choice we made. Ms McCloud moved mountains for us as we struggled thru the heartbreaking dissolution of my parents estate . She answered all of our questions, made suggestions and helped out anyway she could...she even found someone to accept and then come and remove a upright piano--when we were unable to be on the property. I would without hesitation tell friends and family to contact Ms. McCloud for any real estate transactions in the future and would have no problem recommending her to anyone in the market to buy or sell a home. A very professional lady. Mike Orr
We moved here from Michigan the first of April. Sandy was recommended to us and we couldn't be happier. She worked extremely hard. She spent days looking for the right house to fit our needs and was more interested in us than a quick sale. I would recommend Sandy to everyone. Dan and Karen Oehm
As a first time home buyer, I found Sandy to be very patient and understanding. I had multiple instances of cold feet, which she calmly talked me talked me through. She was very knowledgeable about current legislation that earned me tax credits and she went out of her way to help me set up my inspection and tracking down repair records on the house. She fought hard to get me a fair price and to make sure I wasn't buying a "lemon". I've been very happy with my purchase and I would highly recommend her to any potential buyer. Not only is she warm and caring, she is an absolute hoot to work with. I hired her as my agent, but I'm happy to call her my friend now. Keith Stephens
We would have never gotten a piece of the American dream if we hadn't found Sandy. We love our new home and are so grateful that we came across a listing that brought us to you. Thank you so much, Sandy. A. Abell
I've known Sandy for several years on a business and personal level. She has always impressed with her tireless work ethic and attention to detail. If you're looking for a real estate agent who will work for your best interests always keeping the bottom line in mind Sandy is your girl. Her wealth of knowledge and additional certifications she has earned add immensely to the quality of service that she will provide to her clients. I would recommend her without hesitation. Diane Small
Sandy McCloud is one of the hardest working agents in the business. In addition to her professional expertise, she brings a personal touch to her relationships with clients. Sandy has been known to do everything from helping clients sell items too difficult to move to finding someone to bake their wedding cake. If you need someone to walk you through the sometimes difficult process of buying a house, Sandy is the agent for you! Kathryn Williams
Knowing I had been considering selling my home, Sandy called to say she may have an interested client. Forty-eight hours later we had a signed contract and closed at within thirty days!!! Sandy CAN make it happen! R. Canady
After deciding to put my house up for sale, I made a list of companies and agents I wanted to meet with. After meeting with Sandy, I decided there was no reason to speak with anyone else. Sandy is dead honest (refreshingly so) and told me exactly what the market was like. She had some great ideas on how to present my house and did a lot of marketing, including a professional web video. My house didn't sell and I later took it off the market for personal reasons. It will be back on the market later this year and Sandy is the only person I will let sell it for me. I highly recommend that you meet with Sandy before deciding who will represent you when you sell your home. Steve Fox
Sandy's great! She works hard and is fun to work with. I choose Sandy because she came highly recommended, and she is a great communicator. She knows how to connect buyers and sellers, and I highly recommend her! Mary Elfner
Sandy is always responsive and proactive with her dealings with clients. I've never met a more caring and hard working realtor. Lynn Vos
I recently built a new home in Guyton, GA. I was living across country at the time but had no real worries because Sandy was on top of things from day one. She sat through my contract signing and watched over things since I was not there to see my home being built. I was contacted about progress and problems as the home was being built. She knew it was hard for me being in Indiana and she took the time to take pictures of the construction, frame them in photoshop and send to me. I felt like I was in excellent hands every step of the way. When I made a trip with my daughter and grandsons to look at homes, she met us with a bag of home made cookies for the boys. Sandy is not only reliable, she goes above and beyond to assist the buyer from start to finish. She takes a personal interest in making a stressful situation as easy and painless as possible for her customers Carolyn Toering
This was our second time working with Sandy! First she helped us buy our house 4 1/2 years ago. This most recent experience was the selling and the purchase of another home. Sandy was available at anytime for questions, and she worked tirelessly for us. We will use Sandy again and recommend her to everyone. She truly worked very hard and was always honest. C. THomas
Sandy was able to get me a house that wasn't even for sale! She knew what I was looking for and made it happen. After signing the contract I was basically able to sit back and relax. She handled every detail down the smallest things, and there were quite a few of those. I can see someone becoming that involved for a million dollar house, but mine was under $100,000 and I still got that kind of service. Everyone I talked to during the sale knew Sandy and said she was the best. I agree 100%. Hugh Bracken
My husband and I are dual military and we were both in training. We got orders to come to Savannah so we started looking for houses online. We found one we really liked but unfortunately when i called Sandy to get information about the house it was already under contract. But I explained to Sandy what we were looking for and she went to work as soon as we spoke She was very friendly and more helpful then I could ever imagined she would be. She sent me a list of houses that met our needs, and even helped me find resources to research schools and neighborhoods because she wanted me to be happy with the home. It was important for me to get something good for my kids. It didn't take any time before we had a house picked out...and she did the paperwork to put us in a strong position and took care of everything. When I arrived in Savannah all I had to do was sign the papers and move into my beautiful home! She truly was a blessing and I would recommend her to anyone. So in closing thank you so much for all your hard work we appreciate all you did for us and we absolutely love the house and the neighborhood. Misty Brown
The honesty and willingness to work with my schedule really impressed and made it possible for me to buy my first home. Even after I have purchased the home Sandy is still guiding me in the right direction to keep my new purchase safe. Mitchell Crawford
I met Sandy McCloud several years ago as a single 25 year old young woman. I wanted to purchase a home and I was very nervous about the process. I was lucky enough to stumble upon Sandy. She immediately put me at ease and went over and beyond to help me look for a house on my teacher's salary. I have never known such a go getter in my life! Sandy is extremely personable and truly treats her clients like family. She helped me find the perfect house and I was eternally grateful. Throughout the years she always stayed in touch and even reached out to me upon learning my husband would be serving a 15 month deployment. Three years later it was time to move on and I knew the perfect person to put my house on the market! Once again Sandy exceeded my expectations and put my house on the market the very next day! Since we already had a vacation planned, she even took it upon herself to call and meet people for odds and ends my home needed. She even sold our tv for us! Words cannot describe her tenacity and kindness. Now that my house has been bought and sold thanks to my persistent realtor, we are looking for a house in Alabama and guess who still is helping me? That's right, Sandy McCloud! She has gotten me in touch with a great realtor, but I tell you what----my new realtor sure has some big shoes to fill!" Ingrid Crawford
It may be hard to believe that at the ripe "young" age of 59 this was only my second time to buy a home. I entered the process with some noticeable igns of dread and anxiety. From the moment I first talked to Sandy who had been highly recommended by several close friends I knew I was in good hands and could trust her insightful direction and experienced leadership. Immediately, I began receiving via email listings that met the initial criteria I set. Our first day of looking at more than a dozen homes informed not only me of what was "out there" but also Sandy as to my preferences, needs and expectations (brick, no "add-ons", preferably mid-town, and, hopefully, "move in" condition). Just as discouragement began set in, Sandy came forth with one of those, "You've just got to see this one house" invitation. And, of course, it was the one that met every one of our criteria. Sandy was able to negotiate a deal that has left me knowing that the home into which I will soon move is one that I feel good about and am proud to own. Sandy looks after her buyers from start to finish. She goes to bat for you putting you at ease and gaining your trust from the first hello. I would say to any prospective buyer, "Don't work with Sandy unless you are really ready to buy because Sandy will find the exact home that you are looking for at the price you can afford." Thanks, Sandy, for making this an experience on which I will look with appreciation and enjoyment. Holland Morgan
Sandy provided excellent service and experience in assisting me in finding my house. Her knowledge of market, areas in Savannah (locations of school, utilities, geography) were very helpful in choosing my house. After the completion of the sale, she was resourceful in contractors that provide excellent services, such as painters, HVAC repair, etc. She was a delight to work with and very expedient. Patrick Carver
Buying a home was a big deal to me and I was very nervous from the beginning. But after I met with Sandy McCloud, she really put my mind at ease. I always felt like she was fighting for me to get the best deal from the start to the finish. I will never use any other real estate agent and if you want someone who will work hard for you, call Sandy! Davie Tompson
100%!!! That is the grade I give Sandy as a Realtor! She has helped us buy AND sell AND buy our homes in the past few years because we would never use anyone else. Sandy makes her clients the top priority in the process and goes above and beyond to help before, during and after the sale is done. If you want the best, call Sandy! Leslie Brooks
Sandy assisted us in purchasing our first home and her knowledge and sincerity was invaluable to us. We felt as if she was always looking out for our best interest. It was so important to have her assistance as we were not from the area. She went above and beyond her duties to help get everything in order. She not only is our realtor but a friend now as well. Erin Matt Smith
When I decided to sell my first house Sandy came highly recommended so I gave her a call. I am so glad that I did! She talked with me for an extended period of time and let me know that she wasn't just trying to make a quick buck- she cared (and still does) about me personally! Sandy had my house listed in no time at an amazing price and had people lined up to check it out before it was listed- I had an offer for the asking price within the first 2 hours of it being listed!!! Needless to say, when it was time for me to buy my second house I called Sandy! She met with me on more than one occasion, let me take my time, and found me the perfect house. I consider Sandy to be the best Realtor I know, as well as a friend. Brandi Anuskiewicz
Sandy is an excellent real estate professional. If you are looking for a new home, she will listen to your ideas and show you the best possible matches. Izz Issa

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