‘Tis the season!

Spring might be thought of as the traditional season to list a home, but it turns out winter can also be good to sellers. According to recent real estate data, homes listed during the winter – specifically, the final months of the year, tend to sell for more money, and often faster, than houses sold during the other three seasons.

Lighter inventory along with still low mortgage have many serious buyers looking more aggressively during winter.  The cold weather is more likely to expose any potential problems with the home, like drafty windows or heating issues, so sellers will need to prepare their homes from a different perspective.

For example, while it may not be possible to make the outside of your home look as nice as it might in the spring,  you can enhance curb appeal by making sure the leaves are raked and  shrubs are trimmed.  Also, listing your house during the winter gives you an opportunity to showcase certain attractive attributes - like a fireplace.  While it’s not necessary to have a fire in the fireplace whenever a potential buyer views your home, it is important that you make the home appear warm and cozy- especially when it is chilly or cold outside.  Make sure to leave the heat running at a nice, warm, but not too warm, temperature.

If you enjoy “decking the halls” during the holidays, one of the worst things you can do is go overboard on the decorations. Limit your decoration and keep everything tasteful.  

As always, but maybe even more so in the winter months, setting the right asking price is crucial in the winter.  Have your trusted, experienced Realtor help you determine the best margins for pricing to sell, based on homes comparable to yours that have sold during the past 6 months.

Now go ahead, curl up by you fire with favorite book an beverage in hand and enjoy the season!