Every buyer in every market wants the same thing...they want a DEAL!  Often buyers think the only way to accomplish getting that deal is to search for a short sale or a foreclosure. That just isn't the truth. In fact, some of the most difficult and painful transactions we see these days are such contracts for a variety of reasons. For one thing, there is nothing short about a a short sale; we've been working on one that has been under contract for a year!!!  Everytime we get close to the bank's approval, something else comes up to throw it off track.  And I don't care how many times a buyer says "I'm not in a hurry," within a week they're calling feeling anxious and frustrated that the process is taking too long.  Short sales usually don't make it to a closing table and those that do usually were more trouble to the buyer than they were worth!  Then there are the foreclosures.  That was the bomb in 2010, but the ones out there lately are either really dumpy and the banks don't want to spend a dime to deal with the issues the houses often have, or the bank takes forever to answer and again, buyers get antsy. In the past 12 years, the only time I've seen a transaction fall apart over a title issue has been with a foreclosure.  If your goal is to steal a property and you really do have the patience of Job, maybe it's not such a bad option for you. But if you want a specific closing date and you want a seller that is more likely to negotiate on repairs and other items, rethink the concept of "a deal."  Because short sales or foreclosures may not be the right deal for you!