One of our clients recently told us that she had been given a toungue lashing by her lender for calling to ask a quick question on a Saturday.  The lender said "Do you not know that this is a weekend?"  We were a bit stunned by the snippy attitude he had taken with her since buyers need to shop when they are off work---which is often on the weekend. That means that we, as Realtors, often work weekends and holidays at times in order to service our clients who are on the move. 

      Certainly we appreciate clients who try to respect boundaries (like not calling at 10:30 PM to ask about a new listing) but in general, house hunting is not a 9-5 activity. It is surprising when people who work in the real estate and related fields act offended when someone calls in the late afternoon or early evening when those clients are stressed out about finding  a home and need our help to accomplish that goal.

       Bottom line is that when you're buying or selling a home, your "team" of real estate professionals, from your Realtor & lender to you home inspector, are working with and for you! You deserve to be treated with respect and should feel that your business is appreciated.  If you feel like you're being blown off or minimized when you ask questions or need assistance, remember that you are in the driver's seat and you don't have to put up with it. There are plenty of good professionals who will work hard for you and give you the time and attention you deserve. So find one and enjoy the process and remember that in this business and in life, people will only treat you as badly as you let them.

       PS---Our client is now working with another lender who is thrilled to have their business and they are much happier too!